Royal Saskatchewan Museum!

We had the best morning touring the museum and learning more about Treaties.

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Star Quilt Designs

We have been learning about how important Star Blankets are to First Nations Culture.  It took a lot of patience and care, but each student created their own unique star design.

So beautiful!

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Celebration of Learning!

We had a great day meeting with families to show them all the topics we have been covering in class.  Thanks for coming to see our celebration!

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Area Theme Parks!

These kids got creative as they used their knowledge of area to design their own theme park!

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

What a week!  We celebrated the writing of Dr. Seuss by reading his books, dressing wacky, and completing a reading challenge that was complete nonsense!

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Famous People

We are always excited to see what the Grade 8’s have created during their Famous People Fair!  We listened to their presentations – we were very impressed!  Way to go!

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Colour Wheel Discovery

We have been exploring Light and Colour this past little while in Science.  We got to discover how colours mix together to form other colours on the spectrum.


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